What we offer

A customized service to suit your particular recruitment needs

Contingency Placements

  • Our most popular service, Contingency recruitment, allows you as the client to view and assess our candidates at no upfront cost.
  • An agreed fee will only be charged on a successful placement.
  • Fees are charged as a percentage (%) of the candidate’s Annual Gross Salary.
  • For expatriate assignments, this would include upliftment, expatriate allowances and guaranteed bonuses.
  • For local assignments, our fees would be calculated on the Total Cost to Company.
  • Our service for this option would include the full recruitment process – from advertising to sourcing of candidates, shortlisting, interview arrangements, qualification and reference checks and offer negotiations.
  • No upfront cost
  • Less financial risk for the client
  • Wide selection of candidates

Retained Recruitment Services

  • Our premier service, providing clients who have critical staffing needs with a tailored executive search process.
  • This can include services such as Headhunting, market research or scarce skills sourcing dependent on the need of your business.
  • Our Retainer Fee is based on a third of the proposed Annual Gross remuneration package for the required position
  • A deposit fee of 30% is due immediately upon commencement of the assignment and is not refundable
  • A completion fee of 70% (being adjusted for any differences between estimated and actual remuneration package), is payable 30 days after an applicant commences employment with the client.
  • Our service for this options would also include the full recruitment process (as per our contingency service) i.e. Advertising, sourcing of candidates, shortlisting, interview arrangements, qualification and reference checks and offer negotiations
  • Dedicated and tailored approach
  • Option of headhunting key profiles
  • Structured progress reports

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

  • We have identified that Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is gaining momentum globally.
  • With our vast experience offering clients a range of services, we are in a strong position to offer the RPO option to our clients wherever they may be.
  • For this service the cost will be negotiated according to client requirements and scope of work.

Our RPO service includes:

  • Analysis of current recruitment process, partnerships and recruitment technologies used and the identification of any gaps and inefficiencies
  • Assessment of your employment/employer brand
  • Development and introduction of tailored recruitment programs, processes and technologies to meet individual needs
  • Establishment of service level agreement and key performance indicators
  • Management of the full recruitment lifecycle ranging from authority to recruit, internal and external advertising, shortlisting and initial interviewing, offer and contract management, relocation and on-boarding
  • Support and  technologies and systems
  • Measure and communicate performance results
  • Assigned representative/s
  • Customized to client’s specific needs
  • On-site secondment of representative/s (optional)

Mining Payroll Solutions

Expat Africa Payroll

We partner with AFRICA HR Soluttions who offer Mining Companies Africa Payroll Solutions based in Mauritius and offer contract and payroll solutions in Africa.

Expat payrolls can be a corporate headache. Understanding Mozambican employment law or managing employee contracts in Gabon can be challenging if you do not have in-country knowledge or an office there. Outsourcing your Africa payroll eliminates some of the administrative headaches that business owners face every month, while increasing the efficiency and productivity of the company at the same time. Expert knowledge is vital to avoid errors and penalties.

Payroll service solutions usually include managing expatriate accounts payables, multi-country tax compliance, accounting, treasury, and information management and reporting.

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