Retained Recruitment Services



Our premier service package provides a tailored executive or retained search process for our clients with highly specific needs. We are sure to prioritise client needs above all else to provide the perfect fit for the position that needs to be filled!

We take full responsibilities for the entire process – we are sure to search the market for suitable candidates, who we then contact on the client’s behalf. We ensure they are qualified and have the required skills by providing confidential assignments for them to complete.

Clients are assigned dedicated consultants who exclusively carry out the retainer or executive search mandate.


Our retainer fee is based on the annual gross remuneration package for the given position. We stay up to date with these figures in order to provide a competitive price that would suit most!

We require a retainer deposit fee immediately upon commencement of the assignment and is non-refundable. This is to ensure our full dedication to the client so that we may progress with the recruitment process.

The remaining fee is then structured according to the various stages of the search mandate.


Our service for this options would also include the full recruitment process (as per our contingency service).

This covers both internal and external advertising and direct marketing in search of potential candidates. Upon finding and headhunting them, we begin shortlisting the pool of people based on general performance and qualifications, after which intensive interviewing commences.

When we are satisfied that a candidate would be the right fit, we do further investigation to establish their integrity, such as qualification and reference checks, at which time we might begin offer negotiations to give the client the best value for money possible!


We take the time to get to know our clients so that we may source and headhunt the best possible applicants they require. We aim for a dedicated and tailored approach to each of these clients, with the option of headhunting key profiles whenever necessary.

During the process of finding the best possible candidates, we offer structured progress reports that clients may view to keep up to date with the progress of shortlisting and assessing potential candidates. We do so to enforce a sense of trust between ourselves and the clients and candidates involved.