CA Mining and Energy comprises three divisions: Mining, Engineering & Renewables, and Oil & Gas.

We provide a full spectrum of recruitment and staffing solutions which are tailored to each client according to their unique needs.

Our staffing solutions are primarily provided to clients in Africa however we also have an international reach, with a footprint in Australia, Canada, the Middle East, Latin America, and more regions.

We specialise in recruitment within the Mining, Engineering, Renewables, and Oil & Gas industries, with dedicated teams of consultants for each of these industries.

We are experts in our fields of focus and have acquired a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges that exist in these industries and in identifying the right talent for positions within them.

One of the aspects of CA Mining and Energy that helps to make us so successful is our multilingual recruiting team, which is made up of English, Spanish, and French speakers.

This gives us a great advantage in not only connecting with a wider range of candidates and clients across the globe but also in building genuine relationships unhindered by language barriers and being able to understand and meet the needs of our clients and candidates.

We work to remain informed on Africa’s growing markets and utilise our up-to-date knowledge to deliver exceptional services to clients with projects on the continent.

Our extensive and diverse talent network consists of qualified and experienced local, diaspora, and expatriate candidates.

CA Mining and Energy opens the way to opportunities for qualified professionals seeking jobs in the Mining, Renewables, Engineering, or Oil & Gas sectors in various corners of the globe, with regularly updated vacancy listings for roles across seniority levels.