Contingency Placements



This is our most popular service as it allows clients to view and evaluate our sourced, screened & shortlisted candidates with no upfront cost.

The agreed fee will be charged only upon the successful placement of a candidate.

We offer contingency placements services for both permanent contracts and fixed-term contracts (this refers only to contracts up to 11 months).


Permanent Contracts

Fees are charged at an agreed % and applied to the selected candidate’s Annual Gross Salary/Total Cost to Company. In the case of expatriate assignments, this would include upliftment and or expatriate allowances (non-variable costs). For local assignments, fees would be calculated based on the total cost to company.

Fixed-term contracts / Limited Duration Contracts

This is defined as any contract less than an 11-month duration, which we charge for based on the following formula: contract gross rate x number of months x agreed fee

Any contract positions longer than 11 months will be charged at the full contingency placement fee.


We use our multiple exclusive inhouse developed platforms as well as external subscribed job boards to advertise. We then source candidates from our existing network of passive candidates and in-depth searches of our database.

From the pool of candidates, we proceed with shortlisting them so that we can begin arranging interviews with respective candidates after we’ve presented the shortlist to the client.

Once the shortlist has been approved, we begin processing the candidates’ credit records, list of qualifications, potential criminal records and contact their specified references. With a now much smaller pool of candidates, interviews and offer negotiations can begin.


Our clients carry none of the financial risk, since we do not demand an upfront fee. With our internal and external marketing, there is also a huge pool of potential candidates that will be presented, all well suited and qualified for the position in question.