Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)



RPO involves a business model in which a company outsources the process of recruiting an employee to a third-party expert, such as CA mining.

This process drives cost, quality, efficiency, service and scalability benefits. At CA Mining we can act as extension of a company’s Human Resources department, or Resourcing function based on the client’s premises providing a holistic hiring solution.


Naturally, there are numerous factors that may impact the cost of the recruitment process depending on the type of role that needs to be filled, the seniority of the role and the urgency with which it needs to be filled.

These factors are discussed at the beginning of the process and negotiated according to the requirements of the client and the scope of work they are applying for.


At the beginning of proceedings we perform an in-depth analysis of our client’s current recruitment process, partnerships and recruitment technologies used and the identification of any gaps and inefficiencies.

After this, an assessment of client’s employment/employer brand is performed, followed by the development and introduction of tailored recruitment programs, processes and technologies specifically tailored to the needs of the client.

When we are more knowledgable of the client, we establish a of service level agreement and key performance indicators before proceeding to the management of the full recruitment lifecycle.

We then perform initial interviews with the shortlisted candidates to narrow the list down further, offer and contract management, the possibility of relocation, and finally the onboarding process.



Time is money, and every day a position is left unfilled costs the company, which is what makes RPOs so invaluable. This also applies to direct advertising. Marketing is a huge expense on a company’s behalf, and they directly cut back on those costs when using an RPO service such as CA Mining.

While saving the client money, and RPO service also provides the company with higher quality hires. They go through extensive researching processes to assess each candidate and to ensure that they are the perfect fit.